Iontophoresis Machines Harlingen TX

Local resource for iontophoresis machines in Harlingen, TX. Iontophoresis machines can be used to perform a procedure in which a small electric shock is sent into the skin, delivering medicine or some other chemical through the body. It acts very much as an injection without a needle, but it must be taken over a series of multiple sessions. It can serve as a treatment for many conditions, such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Below, you can find local listings for dermatologists in your area that can tell you if you need an iontophoresis procedure for the condition that you have.

Hidrex GS 400 Iontophoresis Machine
Direct-current iontophoresis machine. Treats excessive hyperhidrosis.

Our price: $649.00
Hidrex PSP 1000 Iontophoresis Machine
Direct-current or Pulsed-current mode iontophoresis machine. Treats excessive hyperhidrosis.

Our price: $945.00
Idromed PC Iontophoresis Machine
Pulsating-current iontophoresis machine. Treats excessive hyperhidrosis.

Our price: $925.00

Local Companies

Harlingen Clinic Pharmacy
(956) 364-2600
606 N Ed Carey Dr Ste B
Harlingen, TX
Sesame Pharmacy
(956) 428-2277
707 W Sesame Dr
Harlingen, TX
Walgreen Drug Stores
(956) 412-3057
1406 E Harrison Ave
Harlingen, TX
Neese Pharmacy
(956) 797-2511
La Feria, TX
Delarosa Pharmacy
(956) 565-0210
524 W 2nd St
Mercedes, TX
H E B Pharmacy
(956) 425-4423
1213 S Commerce St
Harlingen, TX
Small Fry's Pharmacy
(956) 423-1200
321 S 21st St
Harlingen, TX
Neese Pharmacy
(956) 797-2366
101 N Main St
La Feria, TX
Coach's Pharmacy
(956) 514-2420
218 N Texas Ave
Mercedes, TX
Mid-Valley Pharmacy
(956) 565-4111
805 W Highway 83
Mercedes, TX
Alvarado Pastor MD
(956) 541-2004
880 Ridgewood St
Brownsville, TX
Brooks Karen MD
(956) 544-8144
800 W Jefferson St
Brownsville, TX
Cima Health Care
(956) 541-4180
954 W Price Rd
Brownsville, TX
Mario Henao
(956) 541-4849
848 Ridgewood
Brownsville, TX

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Jay R Walther
(956) 423-1121
628 N Ed Carey Dr
Harlingen, TX

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Arredondo Rafael MD FACS Fics
(956) 544-2703
1084 E Los Ebanos Blvd
Brownsville, TX
Brownsville Medical Center
(956) 546-7081
1040 W Jefferson St
Brownsville, TX
Diaz Antonio M Jr
(956) 541-5231
864 Central Blvd
Brownsville, TX
Stephen Lloyd Schwartz
(956) 423-2913
1919 N Ed Carey Dr
Harlingen, TX

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Mario J Henao, MD
(956) 541-4849
PO Box 3536
Brownsville, TX
Medical School: Univ Nac De Colombia, Fac De Med, Bogota, Colombia
Graduation Year: 1959

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