Drysol Antiperspirants Madisonville KY

Local resource for Drysol antiperspirants in Madisonville, KY. Here you will find listings of pharmacies and drug stores that specialize in hygienic products including drysol antiperspirants. Deodorants are used to prevent body odor caused by bacterial growth from perspiration in crevices in the body such as the armpits and feet. Some deodorants are also antiperspirants that prevent, not only body odor, but also sweat. Drysol antiperspirant contains hydrated aluminum chlorides for individuals who suffer from hyperhidrosis or increased perspiration.

Klima Antiperspirant
World's strongest deodorant. Lasts up to five days. Treats axillary hyperhidrosis.

Our price: $24.95
Hyperdri Antiperspirant Serum
World's first aluminum-free antiperspirant. Treats excessive underarm sweating.

Our price: $24.95
BoneDri Antiperspirant
Clinical-strength antiperspirant. Provides 24-hour odor and wetness protection.

Our price: $15.95

Local Companies

Walgreen Drug Stores
(270) 821-0377
1801 N Main St
Madisonville, KY
Peeler Don Pharmacy
(270) 821-5440
127 E North St
Madisonville, KY
Blue Grass Ltc
(270) 821-7335
1050 Thornberry Dr
Madisonville, KY
Madisonville Pharmacy
(270) 824-2264
200 Clinic Dr
Madisonville, KY
CVS Pharmacy
(270) 825-3764
920 N Main St
Madisonville, KY
Kroger Co
(270) 821-0692
545 Island Ford Rd
Madisonville, KY
Rite Aid
(270) 821-5811
86 Madison Square Dr
Madisonville, KY
Hometown Pharmacy
(270) 821-8500
728 S Main St
Madisonville, KY
Blue Grass Pharmacy
(270) 825-2775
1128 N Main St
Madisonville, KY
King Drug & Home Care
(270) 825-8833
444 S Main St
Madisonville, KY
Opinion Corner
People in Kentucky shared their opinions about Deodorant Survey
Which phrase best describes your level of physical activity?
I'm an Ironman Athlete: 4%
I'm a weightlifter- I lift things up, I put them down: 4%
I'm at the gym everyday: 6%
I work out a few times a week: 45%
I don't work out, but I stay active: 36%
I'm not active: 0%
I live on my couch: 2%
When do you find yourself sweating the most?
While working out: 34%
After a workout: 11%
When its hot outside: 38%
When under pressure: 4%
When nervous: 9%
I don't sweat: 0%
Other: 2%
Generally, do you consider your deodorant to be effective?
Yes: 95%
No: 2%
Not sure: 2%
After heavy activity, do you find your deodorant is effective?
Yes: 79%
No: 13%
Not sure: 6%
Do you currently use a clinical strength deodorant?
Yes: 20%
No: 65%
Not sure: 13%
Source: Survey.com